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Build your deck of heroes, combine unique abilities and step into the Arena. Fight opponents and climb the leaderboard. Upgrade your deck to unlock epic rewards and rise to greatness. Forge alliances and friendships along the way. It's time to show off your skills, follow your destiny and become a legendary champion!


Master Your
Strategic Skills

In Crown Chaser, you'll encounter a vast collection of over 60 champions. Heroes hold the key to your journey and ultimate success. As you progress, new Arenas and leagues will unveil before you, but only if you can master the art of strategy. Carefully choose and upgrade your cards, crafting a deck that suits your style of play. Prepare to rise through the ranks and create your legendary tale

Engage in Heroic
Battles and Rise
to the Top

Experience the adrenaline-fueled battles inside the Arena. Place your heroes strategically, attacking enemy buildings while protecting your own. In battle, outsmart opponents and destroy their towers. Engage in intense clashes, winning glorious rewards and achievements. Rise through the ranks, battling your way to the top of the leaderboard to face off against the best in the world. Prepare for thrilling showdowns, showcase your skills, and earn the crown!


Rise as One: where
legends are Born

Your journey is not one you walk alone. Gather your friends or make new companions along the path to glory. Form or join a Guild, where members support and uplift one another, conquering missions and achieving shared goals. Together, you will grow stronger and unlock exclusive benefits that shape your destiny. Engage in immersive Guild wars where strategic skill and leadership determine the mightiest of all. Will you rise as the beacon of strength, leading your Guild to victory? Embrace the power of alliance and embark on this extraordinary new adventure.


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Join our Welcoming Community and Stay Connected with Early Updates, Engage Directly with Game Developers, and Win Unique Prizes. Shape the Game's Future, Share Memorable Moments, and meet fellow gamers! Don't Miss Out. Join Now and Let the Fun Begin!

Meet the Heroes

Building the next
generation of Gaming

Crown Chaser is building an open economy where players truly own and control their digital collectibles, creating a game ecosystem where your decisions have a real impact. Join us as we shape the future of gaming, experiencing firsthand how the next generation of games will deliver unmatched fun, entertainment, and sustainability. Be a part of this exciting journey and get ready to witness the thrilling evolution ahead.



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